Seed banking

Hygrometer (to read moisture content of seed) and petri dishes with seed for germination tests.

'Seed drying' using drums with silica gel for drying, specimen press and seed in paper bags ready for desiccation.
Photo credit: Karin van der Walt, Otari Native Bush.

Liquid nitrogen.

Seed banking: looking to the future

Information on seed banking.

From Seed to Success: A Guide for Community Conservation Projects

This Guide is designed for people involved in community conservation projects. It provides advice about establishing, maintaining, improving and evaluating community conservation projects, particularly those involving partnerships.

Collecting seed to save a species

Myrtle rust is a fungal disease affecting New Zealand’s native Myrtaceae family. More than 60 million Myrtaceae seeds have been collected for long term storage to future proof these plants from the disease. Technical Threats Advisor Jacqui Bond has been working on the collection of seed from populations of 37 threatened species around the country.