Investment in research

The Government has allocated more than $23 million for myrtle rust research since mid-2017. The Myrtle Rust Strategic Science Advisory Group (SSAG) developed a Myrtle Rust Science Plan to be used by all New Zealanders as a guide to what science will be most valuable for the management of myrtle rust.


November 2018

Surge investment in research to generate long-term solutions to combat myrtle rust - $5 million over three years.

This investment is being managed by New Zealand’s Biological Heritage National Science Challenge. It will accelerate the work already being done by government agencies, councils, research providers, Māori and interest groups.

Surge funding for kauri dieback and myrtle rust research

New Zealand’s Biological Heritage National Science Challenge

September 2018

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research “beyond myrtle rust: towards ecosystem resilience” - $13 million over five years.

"Beyond myrtle rust" research is aiming to boost ecosystem resilience by running ground-level interference of myrtle rust. This project is being funded through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Endeavour Fund.

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Mid 2017

Ministry for Primary Industries - $3.7 million over two years

To help better understand myrtle rust and limit its potential impact in New Zealand, the government committed $3.7 million for urgent research, with more than 20 projects identified by the SSAG and commissioned through the Ministry for Primary Industries. The projects have been completed, with the outcomes presented at the 2019 Myrtle Rust Science Symposium in Auckland, 9-10 September. The reports have been published on this website.

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June 2017

Plant & Food Research and Scion - $1.5 million over three years.

Plant & Food Research and Scion received $1.5 million through MBIE’s Catalyst Strategic Fund for a project addressing myrtle rust’s threat to New Zealand. This project involves Plant & Food Research, Scion, Plant Health Australia, Te Turi Whakamātaki (National Māori Biosecurity Network), the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries and the Wellington Botanic Gardens. The project is also linked with scientists at Kew Gardens in the UK.

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New funding takes the fight to myrtle rust – Plant and Food Research

MPI scientist examines myrtle rust on samples

MPI scientist examines myrtle rust on samples