Where is myrtle rust?

Use the map below to see where myrtle rust is in New Zealand.

Myrtle rust has been found across all of the North Island and upper areas of the South Island.

Myrtle Rust infection risk and surveillance (arcgis.com)

Areas with myrtle rust infection identified by Biosecurity NZ prior to 30 June 2019 are yellow, orange or red blocks. Red dots are self-identified myrtle rust infections compiled from crowdsourced data. 

Purple to blue blocks are areas with myrtle plants confirmed by Biosecurity NZ prior to 30 June 2019. Blue dots are myrtle plant locations compiled from crowdsourced data. 

Please note that not all myrtles in New Zealand are captured on this map and only myrtles that have been identified through Biosecurity NZ prior to 30 June 2019 and crowdsourced data are listed. Think you have spotted myrtle rust? We encourage you to log your observations on https://inaturalist.nz, where experts can check to confirm whether observations are correct.