Help track the spread of myrtle rust

Myrtle rust reporter

Report observations to iNaturalist.

New Zealand Myrtle Rust Monitoring Form (docx 14 MB)

This form has been designed for use by trained myrtle rust observers and can be completed on paper or digitaly. An Excel spreadsheet version is also available (see below).

New Zealand Myrtle Rust Monitoring Form - Excel spreadsheet version (xlsx 63 KB)

A spreadsheet has been developed to assist with collection of data until an app and a centralised databased have been developed.

Myrtle rust online learning modules I and II

Biosecurity New Zealand has developed online training courses about myrtle rust. The courses are available to everyone but are particularly suited to those running community education events. Register to get access to the course.

Weekly Myrtle Rust Risk Prediction Maps

Keep up to date with the effects of seasonal weather variations on the Myrtle Rust infection cycle.